It wasn’t precisely vacation cheer when “Late Night time” host Seth Meyers fired up the burner on Tuesday evening and blazed via a listing of conventional favorites.

Meyers didn’t spare sledding, “House Alone” and even workplace vacation events. However his hottest critique was aimed on the Bible story of Jesus’ start.

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“Bethlehem innkeepers, the place do you get off turning away a pregnant lady?” Meyers requested. “You’re fortunate Yelp wasn’t round through the time of the Bible otherwise you would have been savaged.”

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He additionally wasn’t pleased that Mary and Joseph needed to bunk in a steady.

“Here’s a tidbit of widespread decency: In case you run an inn and a girl wants to provide start, perhaps do higher than the shack the place your goats eat,” Meyers mentioned. “It’s disgusting! And that’s coming from a man whose spouse gave start within the foyer of a New York Metropolis condo constructing.”

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Try the video above to see his scorching commentary on the “12 Days of Christmas.”


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